Mar. 23rd, 2010

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Howdy. Long time no post.

Okay, so my very knowledgable friend had this explanation of my biggest qualm about the health care bill.

I want universal health care. But I'm told this bill contains a provision where Americans will be REQUIRED to purchase health care, and will have their payments subsidized by the government. If they don't purchase health care, they will be fined.

However, REQUIRING someone to purchase health care at all seems completely wrong to me. You can just choose not to drive a car for car insurance and the like, but you can't choose to not be alive - suicide is illegal.

So my friend seems to think that people are champing at the bit to be the first one raising a legal challenge to being REQUIRED to buy health care. Which in a few years will reach the Supreme Court, which will then be overturned because it's unconstitutional to REQUIRE this. His thinking is when that happens, the entire health care reform package will also be overturned with it, thus rending ALL THIS SHIT MOOT.

Someone tell me this isn't true. Someone tell me this wasn't a bunch of painful shit for no net gain.


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