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This is going to be the best thing ever.

I also just learned that there is a famous comic artist who is just named "Jason." I don't care how unpronounceable your Nordic name is with it's crazy blendo-vowels, you can not be a one-named person and that one name is "Jason." That only works for hockey masked guys, and even he has a last name.

I'm also not sure how I feel about this "Wednesday Comics" thing. All I can think is that it makes comics more unwieldy and uses up more paper.

I saw Harry Potter and the Irrelevant Subtitle this morning for free. I have now seen three of these films in the wrong order - 4, 1, 6. This last one didn't quite leave me with the same sense of 'fuck these movies' as the previous two did, although I misread recent headlines and was expecting the Rupert Grint/Hermione make-out in this one and it never showed. Apparently, they just filmed it for the next one. Silly.

But I demand this of you kid-wizard nerds. Name me Five Worthwhile Things that Ron Weasley ever does in these movies that make him something other than a stupid lump of half-comedy that everyone should kick in the pants. He seems like the last kind of dork that could center a love triangle of any kind. Although I do like that his real name is more pottery than his potter name. I'm told he "knew how to play chess" in the first one, so all you have to do is tell me 4 more. In the movies, not the books. And I don't think off-handedly using the word 'luck' in order to remind Harold that he has a magic do-whatever-I-want potion counts.

Jim Broadbent, however, is perhaps the best human of all time.

Save maybe Tony Millionaire.
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