good lord

Jul. 9th, 2009 01:18 am
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I... can't turn away.
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Sarah Palin just essentially said "not quitting my job is what a quitter would do."

Please stop listening to this tool, world.

Also, stop talking about "winning tickets to the Michael Jackson memorial" as if it was winning free passes to Disneyland, media.
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Unfortunate Boy's Name: Garyn.


I am told it is potentially a nerdy D&D name as opposed to just some godawful trend-mutant name, but it is still bad.

Not as bad as the man I know who named his child Anakin. But still bad.
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Yeah, this performance is pretty much a lame lip-synching with about one dance move in it.

Yes, "The Girl Is Mine" is one of the worst songs ever recorded in the history of humankind.

Yeah, I'm not that broken up about his death because it felt like he's been slowly decaying over the last 17 years anyway. It was surprising, but not at all shocking.

Yeah, I can totally believe that he was an abuser, which is depressing as all hell, and I still can't think of that time he impulsively dangled his baby off a balcony to show it to photographers without shuddering in terror. Yet I can also believe that he was such a strange and unique brand of fucked-up that he could've been telling the truth and just wanted to make a happy playtime land for kids because he had zillions of dollars with which to do it and no one could tell him not to. I even had a theory for a while that he'd egotistically intended his transformation from black man to white woman to be this big sort of 'heal the world' statement about equality and love for everyone in the world regardless of race or gender - making himself the nexus-point symbol of the concept. Ridiculous, perhaps, but the man wore sequined epaulets.

But in May of 1983, when I was 8 years old, and I saw him walk forward but float backwards on national television, it was honestly the last time I believed that maybe magic was real.

So yeah. I'm gonna listen to the songs I loved as a kid and the songs I still love now, the songs that make a big fat hairy old guy want to glide around a dance floor and spin circles on his toes, and I'm not gonna worry that I'm whitewashing his fucked-upness.

I'm hard pressed to think of any celebrity that has that ubiquitous level of worldwide appreciation in this, the age of divided attention and constant distraction. But back in the age of three channels, no computers and barely VCRs, someone could become that insanely popular, and it's hard to explain that level of fame. I don't know if that can happen anymore, barring being a world leader. The closest I can think is Bono, and I don't know if he counts. Maybe if Justin Timberlake exploded tomorrow, I'd be proven wrong. But I still think he needs another decade of good music, at least. I'm kinda thankful to that guy anyway, for giving us Michael Jackson-style grooves without the Mike, so we can all still dance around without that inner 'yeesh' feeling.
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Why are people IN movies but ON television shows?
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I'm watching Spock seduce a Romulan commander by Spockin' it up with his Spockness. While Kirk is wearing funky eyebrows and ears and Kirkin' around. He's Kirkin' it. Kirkin' the gherkin.

Boston Legal is fucking fantastic for people who like TV actors. Fuckin' Bakula was on this episode I just watched. BAKULA. Larroquette. Bergen. Alison LaPlaca as a chick who will fuck anybody and everybody all the time. Betty White. SHATNER.

Holy crap, I need sleep.


Jun. 1st, 2009 12:02 pm
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YAY I AM ON THE HOOK FOR 800 FUCKING DOLLARS to repaint a car door that I apparently inadvertently scratched up with my car in the too-small parking lot at work.

In other news, my age-old Sandra Bullock crush from the Demolition Man days is still present in remnants after seeing her yesterday. Even if her movies aren't good, she seems like she'd be a fun and enjoyable person.

Blargh. I'm tired.

Hold up.

May. 28th, 2009 05:06 pm
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Has there been some kind of resolution passed that "closed-minded" is henceforth to be written as "close-minded?" Or is everybody just endumbening?

"How was I suppose to know?"


Also, I recommend watching the original 1970s version of The Taking of Pelham 123. It stars Walter Matthau, Hector Elizondo, Burt Young, Jerry Stiller and criminals using the names Mr. Blue, Mr. Grey, Mr. Green and Mr. Brown (and no, he doesn't say it sounds too much like Mr. Shit). It also stars Amusingly Angry Fat Guys.

I'm seeing the new version tonight. I'm guessing it's going to lack in amusingly angry fat guys and try to make up for it with Travolta.

Also seeing Land of the Lost tonight. Yeah, we'll see.

Also, I am suddenly on the hook for scratching the hell out of some woman's car in the itsy-bitsy parking lot at work. I don't recall doing it, and given the size of it, I can't imagine how I could have NOT known I was doing it when I was pulling in next to her, but yay. People are anal about scratches on their car, even cars that are already dirty and beat-up. I don't think I did it. But I'm gonna shell out cash to get it fixed anyway, because that's the kind of non-confrontational schmuck I am. You want some money? Tell me I broke something of yours. I'll believe it.
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I spent Memorial Day watching my Gargoyles DVDs.

I still enjoy that show.

Keith David is awesome.

Food Inc

May. 14th, 2009 10:27 pm
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So, I saw a documentary called "Food Inc." due out in theaters soon. It did exactly what I thought it would do - make me hate the fact that I like meat. Even the good and trusty organic farmer made the concept of eating chicken seem horrible.

Now I'm hungry, and I'm sad that I feel I will hate myself if I order chicken noodle soup and a roast beef and cheddar baguette, my standard order, for delivery now. I hate the idea that buying non-organic products makes shitty Texas billionaire assholes shittier and richer, but they fucking taste good. I also don't like vegetables enough to have them all the goddamned time. So I'm probably just going to have another goddamned peanut butter and jelly sandwich FULL OF HORRIFYING FUCKING INGREDIENTS OF DEATH FROM THE SAME RICH ASSHOLES.

And after seeing that the FDA and the USDA have no fucking teeth anymore thanks to well-placed gubmint officials/former food inc. conglomerate assholes, what the fuck stops the shitty assholes from throwing the word 'organic' on their products and sellin' the same shit as somethin' halfway decent?

Goddammit, I can't go vegan. I fucking love milk. ALWAYS. Even 'soy milk' what the fuck, apparently some jackass company Monsanto has patented genetically-altered soybeans and is strong-arming EVERY FARMER EVER to buy their goddamn shit all the time fuck-ass.


Also, I whine because I have no personal discipline to make wholesale dietary changes that I don't particularly want, even if I SHOULD. I fucking suck and goddammit.

I ate a chunk of salmon today. AM I A MONSTER

Fuckin' good taste should equal good health. FUCK YOU, EVOLUTION.
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Does anyone watch Cold Case?

I don't. But it's been on in the background during two consecutive heroclix games on Sunday nights. Apparently, for two episodes, Pearl Jam has been "rocking Cold Case." Meaning two episodes of some cop drama have featured a bunch of Pearl Jam songs in the scoring. Does anybody know why?

It seems like it would be extraordinarily distracting to have a promotional gimmick like that consistently breaking into whatever drama is going on. Or maybe I'm just way more likely to notice Pearl Jam songs.

Did anyone who likes Cold Case like those episodes?
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You know, if you opened a black hole near Saturn, it would destroy the whole solar system immediately.

Just sayin'.

Robo note.

May. 7th, 2009 11:01 pm
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Terminator: Salvation is surprisingly kind of awesome. The next Transformers movie is going to be that much more lame by comparison.

Unless the entire thing is just robots blowing the shit out of each other in a city.

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I see Wolverine in a few hours. I have very low expectations because it contains Gambit and I'm pretty sure they ruin Deadpool, one of my much beloved characters. But I'm not all frothy about it, because I think Liev Schreiber will make a good Sabertooth, and I like the Jackman, despite Dr. Perry Cox's objections.

Snikt Snikt Snikt Snikt Snikt Snikt Snikt Snikt. Sniktelodeon.

We'll see if I get frothy after seeing it. Then my debate will be whether or not to find the leaked version after the fact and watch that, to compare the two and see if Fox was lying about reshoots and added footage, as I'm hearing tell now that the official version has the exact same running time as the leaked version.

Bub Bub Bub Bub Bub Bub Bub Snikt. Good night, Bub Snikt, well, it's time to go.
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Snakes on a Plane. The TV Edit.

So goddamned wrong.
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I finally watched the Battlestar Galactica finale last night. I appreciate the lack of spoilers to this point, and I'm still not sure what I think. I am sad that nobody else is going to get Olmosed, though.

I got a vegan-friendly Chinese food menu stuck to my door from Mao's Chicken. "With Red Memories," they say. They have "Model Citizen Noodle Soup."

It takes almost an entire day to upload a video to Youtube. This seems wrong. Yousendit works faster.

I am at the office.
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Any who might know the answer to this nerdy question will be helpful.

I have discovered old documents from my college days with the .wpw file extension - WordPerfect Works. Is there anything free that can read and/or convert these files into something more commonly used? I've got MSWorks and the OpenOffice stuff already, but I don't think they work.
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